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National Network of SSM Officers and Advisers

The National Network of SSM Officers and Advisers is a community of interest run for and by diocesan officers, advisers and other members representing SSMs across the Church of England and other provinces.

Members of the Network are designated diocesan representatives for self-supporting ministry.

What are SSMs?

Self-Supporting Ministers (SSMs) are ordained, licensed clergy. Generally SSMs offer their ministry on an unpaid basis, and most make an important contribution to parish ministry.  Retired clergy operating on a Permission to Officiate basis are not normally considered to be SSMs. In England around 29% of licensed clergy are SSM.

Ann, serving in a community cafe

John, Easter dawn

Tracey, Harvest Festival in a rural community

SSMs in the media

BBC: Barrow GP ‘answers sense of call’ as a vicar

Church Times podcast on MSEs

Around half of SSMs are in paid work outside the church, sometimes on a full-time basis. Those with a particular focus on ministry in the workplace are often known as Ministers in Secular Employment (MSE).


The Steering Group of the National Network would like to thank the Clergy Support Trust for financial assistance towards the running costs of this website.