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The National Network organises quarterly Zoom gatherings of all SSM officers and advisers.

Forthcoming meetings:

  • Weds 22 May 2024 (1930-2100, Zoom – this meeting open to all SSMs) – Advice to my former SSM self. ‘What advice would you give to your former SSM self when you started in ministry X years ago?’ Or, if you are new to the life, what wisdom would you like to hear from more experienced SSMs? 

  • Thurs 3 Oct 2024 (1930-2100, Zoom)

  • Weds 4 Dec 2024, (1930-2100, Zoom)

See the ‘Notes and Documents’ section below for a complete summary of the seminar and Eucharist held at Southwark Cathedral to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first ordination of SSMs on 9 September 2023. 

Once a year Network meetings are opened up to all SSMs – the most recent open meeting was held on 24 May 2023, focused on MSEs (see Notes of past meetings below).

These Zoom gatherings build on two national conferences organised by and for SSM officers, in Shallowford in 2017 and the conference ‘Beyond Boundaries’ held in February 2019 at Merton College, Oxford, with Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London, as keynote speaker.

Network meetings have taken place regularly since the spring of 2020 and have generated a range of useful discussions and shared materials around best practice: SSM working agreements (see Resources page), clergy transitions, SSM curacies, the position of SSMs in vacancies, mentoring, ministry during the pandemic, SSM research, and the contribution SSMs can make to the next decade of the Church of England.